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Book: how to buy Real Estate in Brazil

$39 - completely revised
July 2008

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150 pages packed with valuable insider views!

> how to surf the boom, without falling for the hype
> understand the difference between all the different regions
> how to make the most profits
> legal advice - how to buy safely
> how to negotiate with Brazilians
> check the full contents below!

only $39 - for advice that can save you thousands! Plus, unconditional money-back guarantuee.

Money back guarantee

If, for any reason, you're not satisfied with the book, we offer you an unconditional money back guarantee.

Check out the contents:


Preface - what has changed this year?

This chapter teaches you the basics about Brazil - the fundamentals about the Brazilian real estate economy:

. Changes in the 2008 Edition
. The Brazilian real estate market
. Brazil: one of the world's largest consumer markets
. The political system and the Lula government
. Demographics
. Economy
. Geographical regions and ecosystems
. Climate in Brazil
. Safety in Brazil

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City by city, village by village - this describes the different locations along the Brazilian coast - and inland - you could invest in. Understand the differences in climate, infrastructure, and attractiveness of each spot, both from the viewpoint of a consumer and of a professional investor. Unlike most agents, we don't have to sell any specific location - so you get the real story!

. Flight connections to, and within, Brazil
. Covers each and every city, from Florianopolis in the south, to Fortaleza in the North
. Village by village, find the spots that match your personal taste, your target group, or your investment profile.
. Benefit from our inside know-how, to invest where the big players are investing!

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Chapter 3: HOW TO INVEST

Brazil has totally different economy, interest rates, inflation rates, and a mortgage system that just emerged last year. If you invest in Brazilian real estate from a European or American perspective, you're bound to fail.
Find out how to invest, safely and profitably - and how to avoid the traps set for the foreign investors.

. find out why residential rental property isn't as interesting as it looks
. the impact of the all-new Brazilian mortgage system
. rental property - commercial
. are off-plan properties as interesting as they were in Europe?
. how difficult - and profitable - is land development?

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Chapters 4-5: NORTH OR SOUTH?

What most foreigners don't know - is that Brazilian is a country working at two different speeds. The tropical northeast, with its exotical beaches and women is what first comes to mind, and has long determined the image of Brazil in the world.

But the real economy of Brazil (and 80% of the GDP) is created in the efficient and rapidly growing south of Brazil, the land of mega-cities and mega-farms.

. should you buy in the north or south?
. should you invest in residential, or in tourism-related homes?
. prices of land - what should you (really) pay in each part of Brazil?

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"When in Rome, do as Romans do." But how do the Brazilians do it? How do you avoid getting skinned like so many innocent gringoes? Agents, lawyers - everyone in Brazil is on commission and the more you pay, the more they make. So how do you deal with agents, lawyers, banks, and town halls?

This chapter gives you the much than the basics you have to know, and includes environmental, zoning, and tax issues that can help you avoid the most dangerous traps.

. how to get a residence permit
. how to understand how high interests affect the market
. how property is financed, and payments are indexed
. no bank accounts for non-residents - so how do you get your money in?
. the traps and delights of the parallel money exchange market

. what can foreigners buy - and not?
. why the public title deed (or escritura) is NOT the final proof of ownership
. understand the difference between private sales contract, public deed, and the real estate registry
. when do you need a lawyer, what do they do - and what should you pay?
. can you own the beach? and... where can you build?
. what are servitudes and access roads? and is your beach access a servitude?
. what is the "marinha" zone - the first 33m from the beach - and who really owns it?
. what's the difference between urban and rural land?

. special cases: should you buy land without a title deed?
. should you be worried about unwanted occupants, and invasion?
. what is the landless movement, or MST - what to look out for

. environmental aspects: how do protection areas (APA) affect the building potential on your land?
. how do lakes, rivers and streams affect your land?
. can you build on slopes or cliffs?
. which trees can you cut?

. how much are property transfer taxes and closing costs
. what are the yearly property taxes
. capital gains tax
. should you use a holding company or off-shore vehicle?
. personal and corporate income taxes

. building in Brazil: architects, licence, construction costs


Remember - Money back guarantee:

If, for any reason, you're not satisfied with the book, we offer you an unconditional money back guarantee.

may take 10-15 seconds to open


beachfront land in Trancoso

Trancoso (Bahia)

Maceio (Alagoas)

Itacaré (Bahia)

Praia da Pipa (Natal)


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